Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the registered participants?

    • Registered participants are those individuals identified by and on record with the Home School Group as being a part of the group or event.

Will we receive a copy of the policies?

    • Yes.  Once payment has been made, you will be able to print out your policy. You will receive copies of both the An Accident Medical policy and the General Liability policy, including a Certificate of Insurance (including policy number, coverage outline, and effective dates of coverage). Once payment has been made, you will be able to print out your policy.

Not all members of our group are HSLDA members. Can they still participate in these plans?

    • Yes, our program includes both HSLDA members and non-members.
    • To get the HSLDA discount, members have to join as a group. The group discount numbers are different from an individual member.

What is the difference between an HSLDA Discount Group vs. a Non-Discount Group?

    • An HSLDA Discount Group is a homeschool organization that has qualified to recieve an HSLDA discount to its members and has a Discount Group number.  Basic requirements for an application are:
      1. The group serves ten (10) or more families.
      2. The group also meets the definition of a “Homeschool Group,” as follows:
        1. A state or local homeschool group is a group, co-op program, or other organization which exists expressly to provide “in-person” support, activities, information, and/or encouragement such as support group meetings, co-ops, field trips, sports programs, curriculum fairs, etc., specifically for homeschooling families.  Homeschool service providers, PACs, social media groups, email lists, website-only groups, and other homeschool network resources are listed separately under National Vendors/Homeschool Networks.

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If we have a nursery can parents leave the premises, say to go to lunch or even work? 

    • No, the expectation is the parent is utilizing the nursery while attending or participating in an older child’s instruction.  Nursery care is not considered “daycare”,  Mother’s Day Out or a Drop in Childcare.

What is supervised and sponsored activities?

    • These are the activities or events in which Home School students, teachers, and volunteers participate. They are planned throughout the year and can be educational, recreational, and/or spiritual in nature.

Do we need to submit a roster of our members' names?

    • We do not need to know the actual names of the participants in your group.

Why do I receive a certificate of Insurance instead of an actual policy?

    • One of the methods used to keep the premiums as low as possible is the utilization of a “Master Policy.”  This means coverage is provided with a singular policy which is provided through the “Youth Group Insurance Trust.”  In lieu of a policy, participating organizations are issued a Certificate of Insurance, which provides the limits of coverage, policy term, and policy number.
    • Copies of the Youth Group Insurance Trust and policies, including coverage forms, are available to enrolled participating organizations upon request.
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