May I pay my premium in installments or do I have to pay all at once?

    • We do not offer installment payments.  Payment in full is due at the time of application and coverage is not in effect until payment is made.

What forms of payment are accepted?

    • We do not accept cash or checks but we do accept debit cards and credit cards (including personal debit/credit cards).

How often do I pay the premiums?

    • For support groups, the premium is paid once a year at initial enrollment.  For event coverage, the minimum premium is paid at enrollment, and additional payments are made as each event occurs.

Who pays the claims?

    • Accident Medical claims are paid by the Accident Medical carrier; General Liability claims are paid by the General Liability carrier.

If I just want to obtain a quote at this time, how do I do this?

    • You may secure a quote by completing the information requested in the portal.
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