What are the different kinds of coverage?

1. General Liability - provides coverages for damages or theft to the property where the group rents or meets. This could be a church building, a group leader’s home, and more. Depending on the insurance provider and policy language it may include additional coverages.

2. Accidental Medical Coverage – provides excess (secondary) medical coverage if someone is injured and needs medical care while participating in a supervised or sponsored homeschool activity. 

3. Abuse and Molestation Coverage – provides the organization with protection and legal defense if an accusation or actual loss happens.

4. Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) – provides coverage to the leaders from potential financial losses if they are sued for actions they make on behalf of the group. This is recommended for groups that are required to be legally structured due to state laws. 

It is a requirement of the General Liability carrier that Accident Medical coverage is in place. Therefore, both are necessary when purchasing a policy.

Is there a discount for buying all the coverages?

    • No, the rates are already fully discounted.

Why do we need coverage?

    • In today’s litigious society, every organization is vulnerable to lawsuits.  Accident Medical Insurance provides valuable protection for the students and also serves as a buffer to protect the organization’s General Liability limits from catastrophic losses.  General Liability Insurance is generally required when using rented facilities, so this important coverage allows your organization to comply with those requirements, while also protecting the organization from a possible litigation.

What is Excess Accident Medical Coverage?

    • This means that the policy pays after any other available insurance pays.  If no other insurance is available (Group, Individual, Auto) then the policy becomes primary and pays, without deductibles.   In addition, if other coverage is available, this plan would pay out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles and co-insurance.

Why must all students be required to pay for Accident Medical insurance when they already have coverage through their parents?

    • Accident Medical coverage is a requirement of the General Liability insurance company to help mitigate potential liability claims.

Is travel in my personal auto covered under the Accident Medical or General Liability policies?

    • There is coverage under the Accident Medical Policy on an excess basis when traveling to or from a sponsored activity.  There is no coverage under the General Liability Policy.

Are athletics covered?

    • Organized sports are not covered. Gym classes or recreational sports during recess are covered. If you require coverage for organized sports, please click this link for Home School Sport Solutions.

Does the General Liability Insurance provide coverage for facilities that we may use or rent?

    • Yes, if the facility owner requires your policy name them as an additional insured, you may include this coverage during your application process.  Should you change facilities during the year and your new facility owner requires being named as an additional insured, you can update the information under your account in our portal. 

Note:  The first two requested Additional Insured Certificates are provided at no additional cost.  Thereafter, Additional Insured Certificates will cost $35.00 each.

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